How to reset navien tankless water heater

Navien tankless water heaters are reliable and energy-efficient systems that provide a continuous supply of hot water to homes. However, it is important to reset the system periodically in order to maintain its optimal performance.

Resetting a Navien tankless water heater may seem daunting; however, this article provides an easy guide on how to safely reset a Navien tankless water heater quickly and effectively.

The process of how to reset Navien tankless water heater involves several steps which must be followed precisely in order to prevent any damage or malfunctioning of the system.

This article covers each step in detail so readers can properly learn how to reset their own Navien tankless water heaters with confidence.

Additionally, safety precautions are mentioned throughout the article for readers’ convenience and awareness.

Finally, the article explains why regular maintenance is necessary for your Navien tankless water heater and emphasizes the importance of proper operation for avoiding costly repairs down the road.

By following these guidelines, readers will gain more insight into their home’s hot water needs as well as knowledge about how to efficiently manage their Navien tankless water heaters.


Overview Of The Navien Tankless Water Heater

Navien tankless water heaters provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for hot water needs in homes and businesses. With this type of heater, there are times when the system may need to be reset due to a power outage or if it displays an error message.

Resetting the Navien tankless water heater involves pressing the reset button located on the unit itself. Knowing how to properly reset your Navien can help you avoid any further issues with your hot water supply.

In addition to understanding how to restart your Navien after a power failure, it is also important to understand why resetting is beneficial.

Not only do most errors get resolved by simply completing a reset procedure, but regular restarts can prevent future problems from occurring as well. Therefore, learning how to correctly perform a reset could save time and money in the long run.

Benefits Of Resetting:

Resetting a Navien tankless water heater can be likened to giving your home an energy boost. Just like the human body requires occasional rest and refreshment, so too does our home’s hot water supply need regular maintenance in order to remain efficient. Resetting a Navien is the most effective way of ensuring that it continues to provide reliable hot water without any issues arising.

There are many benefits associated with resetting a Navien tankless water heater including improved performance, fewer errors being displayed, and extended life expectancy as well as better efficiency.

It also eliminates the risk of damage caused by power outages or incorrect wiring which could have costly consequences if not rectified quickly.

Furthermore, restoring factory settings after a reset will often resolve any problems that may have been encountered prior to the reset procedure taking place.

Preparation For Resetting:

Before resetting a Navien tankless water heater, it is important to prepare the unit for the process. First, make sure that all cold water inlet filters are clear and free of any debris or blockages. If an error message appears on the control panel when checking this then you may need to replace the filter with a new one before proceeding further.

Secondly, ensure that the power supply has been disconnected from the gas line as well as from the main electrical circuit breaker, which will help prevent potential damage while resetting your system. Finally, press the reset button located on either side of the unit and wait until all lights have gone out completely before powering off and setting to ‘reset’ position.

Powering Off & Setting To ‘Reset’ Position:

As with any reset process, powering off and setting the Navien tankless water heater to a ‘reset’ position is essential in order to clear any errors that may have been present. To do this, begin by pressing and holding down the power button for approximately ten seconds until all lights on the unit go out completely. Then turn off both the cold water supply and gas line valves before disconnecting them from the heat exchanger and flow sensor. Once disconnected, check that the flow rate has dropped below one gallon per minute at low water pressure – if it exceeds this then adjust or replace as necessary. Finally, once everything has been properly disconnected, press the reset button again and wait until you hear an audible noise indicating that the system is now in its reset mode.

Restoring Power & Checking For Errors:

With the Navien tankless water heater now in its reset mode, it is time to restore power and check for any errors. Start by reconnecting all previously disconnected lines back into their respective locations on the heat exchanger and flow sensor before turning both the cold water supply and gas line valves back on. Then press the power button once more until all lights turn back on solid -this indicates that the unit has resumed normal operation. Any error codes or false flame detections should be addressed immediately as these can lead to potential safety issues or a possible ignition failure. Other problems such as overheating may also occur so be sure to review troubleshooting procedures if necessary. It is important to note that after completing this process, you will need to wait at least 30 minutes before attempting to use hot water from your Navien tankless water heater again.

Overheating Troubleshooting:

Having restored power to the Navien tankless water heater and inspected for any errors, it is now time to move on to potential overheating troubleshooting.

If you notice that your panel display is showing an error code related to overheating, then this could indicate a larger problem within the system. Common issues associated with malfunctioning heating elements or temperature sensors can cause the unit to overheat and require resetting.

It is important to investigate these sources of problems before attempting any further resetting procedures as they may lead to more serious damage if not properly addressed.

Additionally, be sure to check all piping connections for proper insulation in order to prevent future incidents from occurring due to heat loss or air infiltration.

By following these steps and conducting regular maintenance, you can help ensure that your Navien tankless water heater runs smoothly without issue. With this knowledge in hand, we are now ready to move onto diagnosing poor water pressure.

Poor Water Pressure Diagnosis:

Poor water pressure can be a tricky issue to diagnose as the causes vary depending on the system’s setup.

An old adage states that “where there is smoke, there is fire,” and this rings true when diagnosing poor water pressure; if you are experiencing low flow rates or inconsistent pressures then it could indicate an underlying issue with the system itself.

It is important to first check all external connections such as faucets, pipes, and valves for any potential blockages which may impede normal operation.

Additionally, inspect any filters within the system for clogging or debris buildup which can cause decreased performance of your Navien tankless unit.

If those sources have been eliminated as possible culprits then you should look into whether the incoming water supply pressure itself is too low.

This could mean that either a faulty regulator or pump has caused a decrease in output from the source line or that something else further upstream has created an obstruction along its path.

In most cases these problems usually need professional attention due to their complexity but they can also be resolved by making adjustments to existing components within the system.

With proper diagnosis and repair, restoring optimal water pressure levels should not take long at all.

Leak Detection & Repair:

Leak detection and repair is an important part of maintaining a Navien tankless water heater. This process involves both the interior components as well as external connections to the unit, ensuring that all points are sealed tight for optimal efficiency and safety.

For external connections, start by visually inspecting each joint for signs of wear or damage such as cracks or loose fitting parts. If any irregularities are found then it is best to replace these sections before proceeding with further steps.

Additionally, check around the base of the unit itself for any moisture which could indicate a hidden leak in one of its internal components.

When investigating potential issues within the system, use meter readings from various pressure gauges and thermometers to identify discrepancies between results taken at different points along the line.

By comparing these data sets you can quickly pinpoint where excess pressures may be occurring which indicates a possible breach somewhere else down-stream.

With proper care and attention, properly detecting and repairing leaks on your Navien tankless water heater should not take long at all.

Flame Ignition Failures & Solutions:

With proper maintenance and upkeep, most Navien tankless water heaters will remain reliable for many years to come.

However, from time to time they may encounter issues with the ignition of their flame which can be due to a variety of causes including blocked air intake or even an electrical component malfunctioning.

If you suspect that this could be the issue then it is best practice to first check whether there are any foreign objects blocking off the air inlet located near the burner chamber.

Additionally, if your unit has an electronic control board installed then ensure all connections are properly secured as these can become loose over time leading to unexpected firing failures.

Once these preliminary steps have been taken, further investigation may involve testing various components such as thermistors and high-limit switches using specific diagnostic tools that measure resistance levels within each part.

By identifying any potential discrepancies between readings here one can quickly identify what needs reworking or replacement in order to restore full functionality back into your Navien unit.

With careful troubleshooting and consideration given to both external and internal factors alike, resolving ignition problems should not take long at all.

Unexpected Shut-Downs & Fixes:

The Navien tankless water heater is designed to provide reliable performance and efficient hot water delivery, but sometimes it can unexpectedly shut down.

While this may be a sign of potential component failure, the cause could also be external factors that are disrupting normal operations. In such cases, resetting the system can help restore optimal functionality.

First of all, it’s important to identify why the unit has shut down in order to avoid causing further damage by attempting unnecessary repairs or maintenance work.

If the issue appears to have been triggered by an internal fault then check for any error codes displayed on the digital display panel as these will give you insight into what parts need replacing or servicing.

On the other hand if there is no error code being shown then investigate any external sources that might be interfering with your Navien tankless water heater’s functioning – such as high pressure levels or insufficient power supply.

Once identified, take corrective action to address them before undertaking a full reset process which should only happen when necessary and advisable.

Advantages Of Resetting The Navien Tankless Water Heater:

Resetting the Navien tankless water heater can offer numerous advantages to homeowners.

Primarily, it helps restore optimal functionality and efficiency, which may have been compromised due to external factors or unexpected shut-downs.

By resetting the unit, users will also be able to check for any error codes that might help diagnose a potential issue before further damage is caused.

Additionally, in some cases of faulty parts or components, a full system reboot may be necessary as part of the repair process.

Resetting can therefore give rise to considerable cost savings by avoiding more complex repairs down the line.

Finally, regular reboots are advisable for ensuring continued performance and reliability over time – such as when seasonal weather changes occur or maintenance checks need conducting on your hot water delivery system.

Maintenance Tips & Suggestions:

Before attempting to reset the Navien tankless water heater, it is important to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken.

This may include wearing protective clothing and eye wear, as well as ensuring that no combustible materials are present in close proximity when carrying out maintenance or reboot procedures.

In addition, users should also check for any gas leaks using a specific detection device designed for this purpose.

Furthermore, it is advisable to read through all relevant manuals and thoroughly understand the instructions before making any adjustments or repairs on your own.

By taking these essential steps , homeowners can be sure they are prepared for safely resetting their unit with minimal risk of harm or damage.

Safety Considerations Before Resetting:

Recent studies have revealed that an estimated 1 in 4 households across the United States are equipped with some form of tankless water heater.

For these homeowners, it is essential to ensure their system is regularly maintained and kept in good condition.

Unfortunately, if issues arise and a reset becomes necessary, there are important safety considerations that must be taken into account before attempting any repairs or adjustments on your own.

It is always recommended to consult with a professional technician prior to attempting any maintenance or reboot procedures.

Not only will they be able to provide valuable advice regarding safety protocols, but they can also inspect the unit for potential problems such as defective parts or gas leaks which require immediate attention.

With this information at hand, you can make an informed decision about whether repair or replacement would be the most cost-effective option for your particular situation.

Cost Comparison Between Repair And Replacement:

Before deciding on the best course of action for resetting your Navien tankless water heater, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks between repair versus replacement.

On one hand, repairs are often more affordable in terms of cost but may require multiple visits from a technician depending on the issue at hand.

Newer models also come with parts that can be easily replaced without having to call a professional which could save you money in the long run.

On the other hand, replacing older units with newer ones may provide increased efficiency and improved performance over time.

Although this option comes with an upfront cost, modern systems usually have lower energy costs and may even qualify for government rebates or tax credits.

Ultimately, each homeowner must decide what type of system works best for their budget while ensuring they have access to safe hot water whenever needed.

FAQs About The Navien Tankless Water Heater:

With the potential for repair versus replacement of a Navien tankless water heater, questions may arise about how to reset and maintain it.

To provide clarity on the matter, below are some common questions and answers that can help guide homeowners in their decision-making process.

How do I perform a hard reset?

A hard reset is typically done when there is an issue with multiple components of the system not working correctly.

To do this, turn off both the cold and hot water valves connected to the unit, then switch the power off using either a circuit breaker or fuse box depending on your model.

After 10 minutes have passed turn all switches back on and wait another 5 minutes before turning on any fixtures connected to the system.

This should resolve most issues but if it does not work contact a technician or service provider immediately.

What maintenance tasks must be completed regularly?

For optimal performance, regular maintenance is necessary which includes flushing out minerals from inside pipes every 6 months as well as inspecting exterior parts such as venting systems or electrical connections once per year.

Additionally, checking pressure levels at least twice per year will ensure adequate flow throughout the entire system.

Furthermore, scheduling routine cleaning of interior components like heat exchangers will help reduce energy costs over time while extending its lifespan.

In order to keep a Navien tankless water heater running properly for years to come, following these steps will give owners peace of mind that they have taken proper precautions against malfunctioning parts or other malfunctions that could potentially occur without regular servicing and maintenance activities.


Resetting a Navien tankless water heater can be an effective way to resolve common issues with the system.

Although resetting offers many benefits, it is important that users understand best practices and safety considerations before attempting any kind of repair work on their own.

Preparing for resetting properly by powering off and setting to ‘reset’ position, then restoring power and checking for errors are essential steps in the process.

Performing regular maintenance is also key to ensure optimal performance from your water heating system.

This includes flushing out sediment buildup, inspecting hoses for signs of leakage or damage, replacing filters as needed, and cleaning surfaces regularly.

Taking these proactive measures will help extend the life of your unit while ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

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