How to install a tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters are popular in many households for several reasons. First, it is an ideal means of producing hot water for your building. It also takes up less space and helps reduce your electric bill.

However, installing a tankless water heater is a complicated task if you don’t have basic technical knowledge. After all, you need to know the different codes and which parts to use. If you don’t feel up to the task, you should contact a plumber.

Are you skilled at using tools? In this guide, you’ll learn how to install a tankless water heater.


Step 1: Take out your existing water heater.

Contact the gas company and check the size of the gas line. This type of heater uses more gas than a large furnace, so you may need to connect a larger line to your home’s gas meter.

Turn off the water and electricity to the existing heater. Also turn off the valve for the gas supply. Remove the heater from the stand before emptying it and throwing it in the trash or recycling garbage can.

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Step 2: Attach new water and gas lines to the heater

If the existing gas line is the right size, attach a tee and valve or either (if needed). Use black pipe to connect the new supply line near the gas line of your new gas-fired water heater. You can also use flexible gas line for this task.

Use copper tubing to connect the old supply line to the existing supply line. Then run the line to the new tankless water heater. You can add an expansion tank to the cold water inlet of the unit, especially if the system has an anti-siphon or check valve.

Attach the pipes to the wall with bell hangers. You can quickly use pipe insulation with these items.

Next, clean the connections and pipes to remove all oxides. Next, put some flux on the end of the pipe and attach it to the fitting before melting it with a welding torch. Remember to heat the copper pipe before soldering.

Step 3: Place the water heater on a stand

Purchase two 4-inch timbers to build the stand. Experts recommend this size of wood so the unit can be placed a reasonable distance from the wall (with the same dimensions).

Find a well-ventilated area in the room and set up the platform. Then place the new water heater on the platform.

Step 4: Install the water heater

Install the sediment trap and shut-off valve on the heater, following the instructions for use. Then connect the gas supply line to the shut-off valve. Check that the water heater has a drain valve and a vent valve.

Connect the water heater valve to the water line and check for leaks by running the water. If there are no leaks, repeat the test procedure with the gas line. Then turn off the gas until the adjustment is complete.

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Step 5: Install the new vent

Locate the vent on the unit and apply some adhesive. Use a heat-resistant silicone sealant at this stage.

Next, add a connector and tighten it with a hose clamp before sliding it onto a section of vent pipe. Complete this assembly by adding a locking ring to the pipe. Tighten the faucet for added security.

Attach the elbow, making sure the orifice faces the same direction (outward) as the water heater outlet. Drill a hole from the inside of the wall that will serve as a drain.

Using a vent sleeve, mark a circle on the outside wall to create a clearance. Drill a 1-inch hole with a spade bit over the mark.

Drill the vent hole with a jigsaw. Remove any trim or roof boards from the opening to ensure the flange thimble is properly positioned against the exterior wall. Apply silicone sealant to the edge of the flange before pressing the flange into the opening. Tighten with screws (on the outer wall) and seal the fasteners with silicone.

Attach the inner flange to the inner wall before passing the vent pipe through its opening. Use tabs to hold all parts of the pipe in place. Then, facing the outside wall, connect part of the pipe to the vent hood. Fasten the siding or roofing material around the vent hole and round it off.

Step 6: Turn on the unit

Run the hot water from the faucet to remove unwanted air from the pipes and heater. After a few minutes, turn off the hot water and connect the heater to the mains.

Before turning on the gas, insulate the unit’s hot water pipes. This step can be done using the tankless water heater installation instructions in the owner’s manual. You now know how to install a gas-fired water heater.

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