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Best Tankless Water Heater

Find out about the best tankless water heater in the market.

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Best Tankless Gas Water Heater

Find out more about the best tankless gas water heaters.


Why Is My Hot Water Heater Whistling

how to reset navien tankless water heater

The topic of hot water heaters and their associated noises can be a common source of confusion and frustration. A whistling sound may cause concern, as it is unfamiliar to the average homeowner. ...

How To Install Under Sink Water Heater

best tankless water heater

Under sink water heaters provide a convenient way to have hot water available at the tap. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance once they are in place.  Installing an under ...

How To Service A Water Heater

how to drain hot water heater

Servicing a water heater involves several steps, including draining the tank, inspecting components, cleaning sediment build-up, and replacing parts as necessary.  In addition to these tasks, there ...

Who To Call For Water Heater Repair

How to install tankless water heater

Hot water is essential for every home and when a water heater stops working, it can cause unease among family members. The prospect of trying to find the right person or organization to fix the ...

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